As a kid, I grew up on a farm out in Western NSW, Australia. Water was limited as we had a small rainwater tank, a creek and a few muddy dams.

We also went through some of the worst droughts on record in Australia, especially during the 80’s. 

There were 7 people in our family – mum and dad and five kids. Our family was very generous, and very social and we always seemed to have visitors or people living with us or camping on the farm for various reasons.

So one of the things I remember most with all the aforementioned in mind, was there was always loads of washing, everyday!

You can imagine the look of the laundry in our home. We are talking the 70s-80s era here.

My childhood and my teens. LOADS of WASHING everyday. 

Now some of you may say, that is normal if you have a big family. Yes, it is normal, but what was crazy was that my mother firstly had a small twin tub washing machine that you manually had to move clothes between to wash and then to spin,  which was laborious and time consuming. Imagine doing that nowadays with our fast paced lives and always busy busy busy, doing so many things, out of the house mostly, no time to spend half a day just washing clothes!

If my mother had a laundry that was designed well, with a washing machine that she didn’t have to manually do everything with, her life would have been so much easier.

Enter good Laundry Design!

What’s your ideal laundry look like? Does it have a bench for folding and working? How about a line to hang hand washed or delicate items? Is there a designated space for your ironing board?

Read our next week’s blog to learn more about how to design your laundry well.