Wide, open spaces with plenty of fresh air and wildlife have appealed to people for generations. But, often we are so entangled in our city life and worried about what might await us in a life away from the cities. Such people need a push in the right direction to make the brave and currently trending choice of moving to a sprawling family home in the beautiful Australian bush and leaving behind their busy and  noisy urban dwelling – a move that is called 'treechange' in the modern lingo. If you belong to that group of people this article may be the right push for you. Let's look at the biggest advantages of making a treechange.
• Spacious lots- Imagine stepping out of your front door into wide open spaces on your acreage land with lovely country-style views in every direction, complete with beautiful wildlife like kangaroos, and birds!  Imagine lots of space to play outside with kids or pets, or work on your hobby uninterrupted.       There are SO many things to do with the extra space, on a large block, or acreage!   Creating a garden is just one thing many of us long to do! Build a tree house for the kids, make a motorbike track in the back yard,  Get yourself a few animals, like a pet sheep or a dog or two… You could also check out local builders that have great acreage designs such as the Castle Rock or the Grand Series of homes, or perhaps you could  build an extra dwelling like a granny flat, or a duplex or triplex home might be perfect for that larger block in the regional town you have decided to live in… Let your imagination soar!
• Clean Environment- The air quality in the countryside is so superior that you can almost taste the fresh air. Imagine waking up in your custom-designed beautiful acreage house to smell the fresh air and the noises of chirping birds instead of the stale polluted city air and the blaring city sounds! Not just the air, the water in the suburbs is pristine. Are you getting excited yet?  There's more...
• Healthy and hygienic food-Ensure that you and your family stay healthy by eating fresh locally grown farm produce. The best farmer’s market is right there in the backyard of your acreage block. Moreover, given some time you learn to cook nutritious food with whatever is available in the season. You can also share your home-grown produce with your neighbors as a part of socializing in the community. After all friendly neighbors are one of the charms of living in a regional town, and even the farm life, or large acreage lifestyle aren't they?
• Lesser Land price and life expenses- The monetary benefits of living on a modern acreage in a regional centre across Australia are plenty. Especially in the regional centres such as the Western NSW towns like Tamworth, Gunnedah, Inverell, South down to Bathurst and North to Toowoomba or even as far north as Cairns.. these centres are NOT expensive compared to the major cities like Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.  Not only do you save money because of the lesser property rates and living expenses of the regional centre, but you also enjoy the benefit of owning a larger block with a sprawling family home crafted to perfection as per your requirements at a very affordable rate. A suitable builder like one of our local Integrity New Homes Builders with an experienced team who can find you in our vast design library the perfect home design with all the modern conveniences you have been used to in your city home, or if there is nothing quite right amongst our beautiful designs, we can custom design and build you the perfect rural retreat that will make your new country life feel heavenly! 
If all these beautiful luxuries of country living have convinced you to build a home somewhere outside the cities, in a regional town, contact  us today via our help us help you online form, so we can put you in touch with a local INH builder.  We also have house and land packages in different towns,  like Cairns, and Tamworth… we can do it all for you and help you discover the new you!! Alternatively,  Our local  builders in your area will make your dream home a reality while paying detailed attention to quality and ensuring affordability.