Integrity New Homes has launched the option of visualising your custom design before it is built using virtual reality.

A low cost option during the custom design process allows you to download a virtual image and look around your new home in 3D as if you were standing in it.

You can make use of this technology on your phone / tablet or computer, but if you have access to a Virtual Reality (VR) headset the visual will be even more immersive.

Home owners can get a good feel for how their new home will look and investors can use the technology to help sell duplex or large developments off the plan.

Integrity New Home clients have always been provided with 3D perspectives as part of their custom design floor plans, but the VR technology takes the experience to the next level giving clients a photo realistic view of their home from any angle.

Click on the image below to try the VR technology for yourself. Select the "..." button at the top right hand corner of the image and choose "full screen" mode for a larger view. If you have a VR headset, the VR option is also in this menu.

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This model is a photo realistic representation of our display home in the Hunter Valley.