In the world of new home construction and property development, the role of builders is often a topic of discussion. Many questions revolve around how builders can contribute to property development projects. In this blog, we aim to shed light on why Integrity New Homes and its network of builders embrace property development opportunities and how builders can bring added value to this space.

  1. Property Development Explained

When we speak of property development, we are primarily referring to the development of vacant residential land, which is a common scenario in both regional and urban areas. The challenge lies in successfully transforming these empty plots into vibrant, marketable properties. This is where builders play a significant role in several key ways.

  1. Sales of End Products

Builders, especially those with display homes or packages available, can facilitate the successful sale of the end products in a property development project. Developers often turn to builders like those within the Integrity New Homes network to market and sell the homes effectively, leveraging their expertise and established presence in the market.

  1. Speculative Development

Some builders within the Integrity New Homes network take a proactive approach by engaging in speculative development themselves. In other words, they acquire vacant land, construct homes, and then offer the finished product to clients. This approach complements their contracting business and can lead to successful outcomes for all parties involved.

  1. Assisting Property Owners

Builders, including those affiliated with Integrity New Homes, often collaborate with property owners who possess suitable sites but may be unsure of how to proceed with development. These owners may need assistance with securing financing, handling civil work, and marketing the end product. Builders are well-equipped to guide property owners through the process and bring their visions to life.

  1. Large-Scale Development

In addition to individual projects, some builders have extensive experience in managing large-scale developments. These projects can involve multi-million-dollar sites with dozens or even hundreds of blocks to be developed. Builders serve as the linchpin in coordinating various elements, from civil contractors to delivering the final product to clients. This holistic approach ensures that the entire development process runs smoothly.


Integrity New Homes and its network of builders are open to various approaches in property development, and they actively welcome collaboration with developers and property owners. Builders can significantly add value to property development projects through their expertise, experience, and ability to bring products to market. If you have property development opportunities or questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to discussing how builders can be a vital asset in your property development journey.