In the dynamic world of home construction, the team at Integrity New Homes is proud when connecting with homeowners years after the completion of their dream abodes. The satisfaction of witnessing families thrive in homes crafted by our hands is a testament to the enduring quality we strive to embed in every project. As professionals in the building industry, we understand that the foundation of a home plays a pivotal role in its structural longevity.

The longevity of a home is intrinsically tied to the foundations, and this responsibility is shared between the builder and the homeowner. During the initial construction phase, it is the builder's duty to ensure the foundations are solid, incorporating the right structural elements, be it strip footings or a concrete slab. However, as time progresses, the torch of responsibility is passed onto the homeowner.

You might wonder: What does a homeowner have to do with the structural performance of their home? The answer lies in the often-overlooked realm of site drainage. This is illustrated in the "Homeowner's Guide to Foundation Maintenance and Footing Performance," published by the CSIRO. Its purpose is to emphasize that if homeowners neglect proper site drainage, the structural integrity of the home can be compromised, irrespective of the builder's meticulous work.

In essence, the guide underscores the impact of site drainage on a home's structural performance. The ground undergoes subtle expansions and contractions with each bout of rain, a phenomenon more pronounced in clay-heavy regions, such as the East Coast of Australia. The recent climatic changes, characterized by prolonged dry periods followed by heavy rain, pose a serious threat to homes.

The issue arises when differential moisture levels persist beneath the dwelling. If one side remains dry while the other is saturated, problems emerge – cracked slabs, footings, brickwork, and internal linings. To mitigate this risk, homeowners must grasp the critical importance of site drainage in the long-term well-being of their homes.

Understanding the gravity of this matter, Integrity New Homes incorporates the CSIRO guide into our building contracts. During the handover process, we draw homeowners' attention to its significance. We believe that through simple improvements and thoughtful consideration of site drainage during landscaping and ongoing maintenance, homeowners can safeguard the structural integrity of their Integrity New Home for generations to come.

In essence, it's a collective effort, where builders and homeowners collaborate to ensure that a beautiful and structurally sound home stands the test of time. By embracing the wisdom shared in the guide, homeowners become an integral part of the solution, ensuring their homes remain a source of joy and security for years on end.

You can download the document CSIRO Foundation Maintenance by clicking here.