Styling a Duplex is fun!  When ever I have had the pleasure of this task, I always choose to style them differently.  It adds fun and creativity and character to each of the homes. 

A Duplex is two homes joined by a  central wall,  so even though the outside usually looks very similar, the insides can be totally styled to the suit the lifestyles and choices of it occupants.

When it comes to styling, its best not to overthink it!  It’s a bold statement,  but so true. Over the years doing colour selections with people,  I have found that the homes that turn out the best, and have the most character and best vibes are often the homes where the occupants have gathered items from trips away,  or op shopping,  or random pieces that they have kept over the years because it has a special story. I have found that often there is a theme that arises with all these objects, because the person has particular tastes and ideas of what they like, so the pieces that they have gathered tend to have a story and a theme running through them,  which actually, mostly, Works,  when you put it all together!

So the selections such as tiles and timber, kitchen and bathrooms, are best to be tasteful, yet classic,  with colours that date very slowly or not at all. For example, natural stone is timeless.  The colour White dates NEVER! And how many variations of WHITE are there? Seriously, way too many!  Timber Floors are always in style. Live plants are always a winner and provide oxygen and something beautiful in your inside environment. 

If the base for styling is the above then the actually putting hard and soft furnishings into place to create the finished look is so much simpler.

When it comes to putting items together (the process of styling your home)  I tend to put like things with like. Try to stick with a theme.  From the front door, and to the inside of the home,  allow it to flow.  What colours do you love?  Find items in op shops, the markets, the local homewares and home furnishings shops that you love. Experiment with various textures and lighting.  If you have an idea of the theme you are going for,  it makes knowing what you need to fit a space so much easier.

Sometimes a feature dining table with neutral chairs is a great talking point and centres the living area. The chairs can match,  or be completely different,  it really doesn’t matter.

Be creative, don’t be afraid to try something, or change it up.  Remember,  you home reflects who you are,  so just be natural and go with what you love.