What’s the difference you ask? Registered Architects are state-registered and regulated. To be a registered Architect, a person must hold a recognised university degree, Architectural Degree or demonstrate equivalent qualifications.

Most architects are great at designing dream homes, but have not been builders themselves. They understand the building codes and legal requirements of the Local Building and Planning regulations. Some work with builders, using referral methods, and supplying the builder with detailed documentation and don't have any more involvement other than to complete the design work for the client, with the client then giving this to the builder to quote and build.

Building Designer [Draftsperson]

A Building designer, otherwise known as a Draftsperson, often has a specialist design degree and many have had many years of experiential learning on previous projects. Usually it is a building designer with practical experience who works specifically for the builder, working on Custom Designed Homes for clients as well as Design Concept work.  They understand the Design Process, the construction costs and the building contract requirements,  either in the Commercial sector or Residential Projects;  and can design the homes to achieve the desired outcome without the associated costs and exorbitant fees associated with engaging an Architect.

The Design Process 

Integrity New Homes is proud to work with local Building Designers in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, and the ACT, who know their trade and the Australian Councils laws, as well as what is required for planning approvals. We provide everything from Concept designs of your design project; detailed plans for submitting to council with the development application, Interior design by our design professionals, contract administration, and full project management of the entire project. All building costs for the whole project are supplied to you before you go to contract, so there are generally no hidden surprises. Check out and download our Design Magazine full of incredible house designs. 

You can save thousands $$

Essentially, when you go through Integrity New Homes local builders to create your custom home design, you not only save thousands of dollars, you also save time and unnecessary problems with the building process. Beginning and ending the building process with the one builder will take most of the pain out of building a new home.

We don’t promise that it will be PAIN FREE, it will just be more streamlined and less stressful.

When you engage an Integrity New Homes local business owner with local knowledge, to Custom design your new home, or renovation, you can be sure that they are going to design it in such a way that it will be the most economical and structurally sound it can be. The builder supplies you with the warranty on your home, not the building designer or the architect, so using the building designer who works closely, or who is employed by the builder will ensure that you get the best outcome all round.

Unless of course, you don’t care how much money it’s going to cost, both for the design and the building journey. 😉

Custom Design Building Specialists

Integrity New homes have been the custom design specialists for over 15 years.  Our design library is full of amazing designs that were originally drawn up custom for clients.  There are plans for flat blocks, slab on ground, side sloping, back sloping, forward sloping, very steep sites and everything in between. And if you don’t find a plan that works for you, contact our local INH office and they will walk you through the process, stress free.

We have custom design packages available which include getting your site surveyed, a soil test and up to three rounds of drafting… with options for more if needed. And the sweet deal with this whole process is that when you go ahead and build the home we have designed together, you get the design cost deducted from your overall build cost. There are no percentage of build fees or other potential issues and extra costs that come with using an Architect.  We are here for you all the way. We share your vision, and design houses using informed decisions from detailed design and building experience.

Architect v's Draftsperson

It's your choice. You are the Home owner. At the end of the day, it is your money and your decision.

Your Next Step?

If you have a sketch of your new house plan but weren’t sure what to do with it, or who to take it to so that you could get the ball rolling for your new home what is stopping you from heading into your local INH Builders office, or talking to one of our local builders?


It’s time to build that home that you can’t wait to come home to.

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