One of the frustrating parts of living in an older home are the ongoing maintenance costs which tend to be expensive, intrusive and ongoing.

Yet, it is understandable that while the building itself may need work, the location of that home may be in an area, and set amongst a community, that is a great joy to be part of.

So the challenge is at what point do you look at the benefits of a new home verses the constant grind and cost of repairs and renovations to an older property?

The answer is a mix of personal, financial and local planning considerations.

For example, you may be able to sub-divide your land and shift your existing home sideways and then build a new dwelling which you could sell or live in or rent out as a negative or positive gearing investment.

Or you may decide to remove your existing home and build a whole new dwelling.

Whatever you decide to do after weighing up all the options remember Integrity New Homes have many years of experience in the “knockdown rebuild” marketplace. So call today to discuss the options and costs involved by ringing 1300 886 793.