Aussies love our outdoor areas, our outdoor rooms, our decks,  our verandahs… name it as you will,  it is a place of relaxation, laughter, food, afternoon barbeques, weekend  brunch in the sunshine; it’s a lifestyle choice that is a classic Australian Homeowners dream.

Integrity New Homes understands these wishes, because we  love with our country, and our lifestyles as well. We love our families and our friends.  Our homes are the core of our existence and when we gather in our homes, which expand to our outdoor areas,  we are enjoying life. 

So,  what am I going on about!?  I am simply saying that as part of the design brief, our in-house home designer knows that MOST of our homes need an outdoor area that people want to spend time in.  So we think of the basics to ensure that it is comfortable and usable space.  Of course this does come with some cost,  but we think it is worth it!

If you choose to build one of our beautiful Integrity New Homes designs, you do get the choice to be an inside dweller and not have an outdoor space,  because we do custom design and change the plans according to our clients and their lifestyles and needs. So whatever your needs are,  we are sure to be able to accommodate. 

Check out our designs to see for yourself.  And remember,  as the home owner, and happy client, you ARE able to mix it up so that the space is exactly how you want it,  to suit YOU!  Winning!