The Housing Industry Association of Australia(HIA) organised a Building & Business Information Session on May 15th to build upon the knowledge, share valuable business information and get the latest industry trends from leading experts in the housing business community.

The event is both a business, and a social event that provides an opportunity for business owners to meet, learn from, and find out the latest of what's happening within the industry; and also to potentially find help for things that they may be lacking in their business. 

It is a one day only event run each year by the HIA. The back-to-back sessions offer help with new information about products, services, regulation changes and business management techniques.
At the 2021 event held at Bankwest Stadium in Parramatta, Sydney, there were a variety of sessions covering business, technical, planning and trends in the industry to choose from. Some of the topics discussed at the event included;

1. Marketing information sessions -

Building your business through branding, collaboration and community engagement: How branding, collaboration and community engagement can elevate a business’ profile and increase profits and other gamechanger marketing strategies for business growth. It also laid emphasis on the need for a marketing department and sales team in construction companies.

Creating content for Social Media - Marketing Tips for Creating content for Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels and digital marketing by understanding what 'content' is, best practices for social media, and how to never run out of ideas.

2. Business Sessions
Apprentices the next Generation - Challenges the Construction Industry faces; options and solutions; recruitment strategies; what to know when engaging a Group Training Organisation.  Marketing tips for attracting Apprentices, training, mentoring and understanding Generation Z.

3. Service NSW -

Tools for Small Business - Service NSW for Business reduces the time, cost and complexity to open or grow a small business in NSW by providing one contact point to assist with three levels of Government,  and one convenient location to understand the processes involved for small business owners to be successful.

4. Small Business Administration -

Current Technology/Apps that are available to small builders to increase their accounting, efficiency, improve profit, and do analysis.

5. Building Sessions -
Managing the Builder-Client Relationship - This session dealt with best practises in Managing the relationship with your client. It looked at a range of common scenarios and provided tips and guidance to protect your contract and your business.
Window Installation and NCC Compliance  - Latest changes to Flashing requirements under the NCC, acceptable solutions, as well as industry best practises for installation of windows and doors.
Moisture management in houses – Principles and Practices - Changes to NCC energy efficiency provisions that leads to changes to established construction practices and principles and practices in the management of internal and external moisture during construction to achieve compliant buildings incorporating BlueScope roofing and walling products.

6. Counting the cost - Keynote on NSW’s unprecedented bushfire season
Presentation - by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment on ePlanning.

HIA's Building and Business Information event proved, as always, to be a treasure trove of wisdom to those looking for solid, strategic and engaging ways to grow their  businesses and boost their profile. It was an excellent opportunity for the Housing Industry Professionals to meet and discuss various issues with Government Ministers, Planniing Representatives and decision makers about issues affecting the residential building Industry.

Such events are important as the robust and harmonious progression of the housing industry is a corner stone for the economic development of the country.