As homes are changing and new ideas are being implemented, some new designs are coming through that have office desks in the living area of the home, alongside the kitchen or dining, or even the lounge area – right there in the open!

Now, I have a few questions for you to think about;

  1. Who do you know that keeps their office desk spotlessly clean and tidy and at display standards at all times?
  2. When you’re at your desk working, maybe writing an essay or answering important emails, do you want to have the noise of the family right near you to encourage your creativity?

My guess is…. NO!!

So WHY do we keep putting these open desks so close, and part of the living space?

Well, the most outstanding answer and one that is very valid, is the children doing their homework where they can be supervised and the internet can be monitered.

The other occasion that having a desk in this area is when just a couple reside in the home,  and they can spend time together while doing different things, like study or marking…. The list is actualy endless.

So, really,  when you’re thinking of, creating, and planning your new custom design home, you are heading in to your local Integrity New Homes sales office to make some of the important decisions about the layout of your home,  remember the reasons why you have each of the spaces in your home.  Their usability, and their adaptability to suit your family,  and your lifestyle.