2020 and 2021 have been record years for the building industry. With back to back record breaking years for new homes being built, and a dramatic increase for our Integrity New Home builders work load over this time period, there may be a hesitation to building your dream home in 2022.

What is being predicted is a reduction in homes being built and the industry moving back to a normal or average amount for 2022. This looks to reduce the pressure on builders, contractors, and supply for materials for new homes.

With a settling comes opportunity to explore your possibilities for building your dream home in 2022, and for many of our builders, there is a sense of eagerness and excitement in the projects coming in for 2022.

There are many aspects that make INH stand out from our competitors when choosing to find a builder for your new home.

Some of these reasons are:
• The ultimate choice of home design, whether it be from the Integrity New Homes project home range, a custom home or even your own design - the ultimate flexibility;
• Fixed priced contracts to provide reassurance and certainty;
• Strong relationships with proven, licenced and qualified trade contractors who comply with the Integrity Edge quality assurance management system;
• Central and in-house developed computer software to assist in management of all aspects of a new home from sales, design, contracting, construction and maintenance, providing improved control and communication;
• Scheduled on-site meetings during construction as part of keeping clients informed; and
• Compliance with all statutory requirements as part of providing safe work sites.
We also have thousands of standard designs to lean into for inspiration for your new home. These standard designs range in size, style and function assisting any type of new home build.

You can view our design range here.

You may be looking to build a custom design home. This is INH speciality and something we take pride in completing for our clients.
Integrity Custom Design combines all the advantages of dealing with an architect to get the personalised design you want with the value for money, price certainty and systemisation of a big project builder - and yes there are a "fleet" of display homes showing the quality of Integrity's finish and design on flat and steep blocks.

If you are looking forward to building a new house or remunerative investment then start a conversation with us here. Our team of experts will contact you at the earliest.

We sincerely hope that your ambition for a new home or amazing renovations to your existing abode bear fruit in 2022.