Now who doesn’t love a good laundry?

I know,  some of you might be thinking – "who cares about the laundry, it is where we wash the dirty linen, so what?!"

Well I am a woman (you’ve probably worked that out by now if you have read a few of my blogs) that loves order and cleanliness, and I find that the laundry is where I can start that process.

So, lets chat more about one of my favourite subjects.

  • Natural light, from the western afternoon sun! Now this is a very important part of any wet area of the home… to get some natural light into it during the day sometime is such an important element to the wet area staying dry and mold free. It also helps the drying of the special clothes that you might have hung on hanger.
  • Shelving! So important for the storage of your cleaning products, the linen, the bits and pieces that every laundry has… I would put as many shelves in your space as it will physically fit! This could include overhead cupboards above your laundry sink or washing machine.
  • A fold away ironing board. These boards are amazing and can be even purchased from Bunnings. They are simply a unit that you fix into the wall…. Check them out here… Bunnings Deluxe Ironing Centre
  • Dirty clothes and linen basket, so clothes etc don’t just get thrown on the floor in front of the washing machine. To design a spot in your laundry for this is optimal, but if not, just find a space where one would fit and make sure the family use it.


Stayed tuned… next week we are going to talk about great features for amazing kitchens!

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