Wow! It’s definitely a hot topic for every person who is building a new home. And especially if you are a person who LOVES spending time in the kitchen. My kitchen is THE most important room in our house, bar none!

We have five children and throughout the years, the kitchen has always been the hub, the place of fun, joy, contentment, filled with fabulous food experiences, with friends and FAMILY!  If I didn’t have a constant stream of my kids friends, my own friends, random strangers who have become my friends, and other family members I am sure life would not be half as rich and full as it is. 

The point of all that is to say,  your kitchen space IS IMPORTANT when you are planning your home. 

Things to consider are

  1. Do I enjoy cooking or does my partner or kids enjoy it
  2. Is it light and airy
  3. Are the drawers and cupboards planned well for their purpose
  4. Are things at my fingertips for ease of use
  5. Is it easy to move around the space with more than one or two people there
  6. Do I have the bench space I need for catering for my family and friends
  7. Does the style and colours in my kitchen beckon me to want to spend time there

All great questions. 

Some of us don’t have the luxury of being able to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to get the latest appliance or the stone benchtop… but that is ok!  You can design a great kitchen on a maids wage if you think about the design carefully when you are planning your new home. 

Laminex and Formica as well as other kitchen laminate brands, have wonderful styles and colours that make for the perfect benchtops, without the pricetag.

Simple flat doors look great if the colours are chosen well to suit your home. Personally,  I am a lover of WHITE,  all things white make me happy! Ha.

I enjoy a simple, beautiful, elegantly styled white kitchen. It allows me to change my colours around it and get different looks regularly, which is what I love to do.  As an Interior designer who loves fashion and change,  having a kitchen that cramped my style and need for change would really bore me! Your style may be completely different from mine, and that is good,  it keeps things interesting and lets us express our creativity in different ways.

So, Don’t just leave it until you come to the colour selection stage and then want the interior designer to “fix” what you have there.  Think about it early on when you are sitting in your current kitchen.  Scribble designs on a pad of paper.  Look around at display homes,  and check out kitchens on Pinterest.  Write notes,  take photos,  save pictures.  Dream! Think about what you want, and then let it be designed into your new home.

The wonderful thing about building with Integrity New Homes is that we are Custom Design specialists,  and so the kitchen of your dreams can actually become your reality… maybe not with the expensive items that are in the photo’s on Pinterest,  or the Whitegoods that are overpriced,  but using products that have a good warranty and that look good in your space.  Everything is possible with imagination and good planning.