Building a new home for yourself and your family can be a significant and daunting process. Who can you trust to turn your dream into reality and take a two-dimensional drawing and turn it into spaces that you can be proud of and that you’ll spend special times of your life in?

If you get the choice of builder right it will make the process enjoyable and painless. The following will help you choose well:


A local builder

A local builder is a safer choice. Accountability is increased by proximity and by choosing a builder that lives in your community you increase the likelihood that the builder will deliver a good outcome. No one wants their good name to be damaged in the community they live and so the location of the builder’s own home in relation to yours is a good starting place to consider.


Your builder’s work history

Secondly, look at your builder’s work history. Online reviews have mixed credibility so ask for actual completed job details and take a drive and talk to home owners. Most people are proud of their own home and will happily talk to you about their home and the building experience.


Builder that specialises in the type of home you need

Look for a builder that specialises in the type of home you need. Many builders can only build standard plans that are familiar to them but others specialise in unique and custom homes or steep and sloping site construction. Others have mastered high density building, granny flats or duplex/triplex homes. Always ask about what they specialise in.


Building warranty

The next important question is warranty. Some builders only offer the standard statutory warranty of 6 or 7 years whereas a better builder will be prepared to offer a lifetime structural warranty under certain conditions. Warranty of building materials is also important so choose a builder using trusted national construction brands like CSR, PGH, Dulux, Reece and Bunnings.


Builders software systems

You should also consider the business systems the builder uses including job management software that allows you access to track job progress and interact with the builder seamlessly without needing to try and connect during business hours or onsite. Builders that use the latest industry software platforms can provide this level of client interface.


Demonstrated consistent improvement

And finally, seek out a builder that has a demonstrated history of constant improvement and business development. Its easy to get left behind in any industry and building is no different. Builders that align with a national brand like Integrity New Homes are receiving ongoing training and business mentoring and are always on the top of the pack in the commitment to quality outcomes for their clients and the product they deliver.


If you consider these qualities when choosing a builder you will ensure your building project is delivered on time and on budget and you have a home you can be proud of when your friends and family next visit for a special event.