The process of designing, pricing, contracting and building new homes is a complex process involving dozens and dozens of trade contractors, suppliers, certifiers and local government officers.

Several years ago Integrity New Homes put the elements in place to develop a better way of doing things and developed an in-house building management system by creating iGyro. The man behind this innovative but user friendly software is IT Manager, Tim Martin, a Coffs Harbour native with a flair for making the complex simple.

Tim has created the iGyro, iProx and iDule software programs to revolutionise the way the company manages critical aspects of the building process from rapid sales estimating to project management tools.

There is also an electronic design library containing hundreds of plans which can be searched using a tool Tim created with a wide range of fields including duplexes, front living and homesteads.  

He works from the company’s Coffs Harbour office and holds a Bachelor of Information Technology degree majoring in software engineering.

All the software is made available to Integrity New Homes franchisees by providing them with their own versions calibrated for local region pricing using rates set by the franchisee.

For more information on becoming an Integrity New Homes Franchise visit the Integrity Franchising website.

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