Wouldn’t it be great if you could sketch a design, and take it to someone that didn’t charge you thousands of dollars to draw it up into a custom designed home for you!? Well, Integrity New Homes’ expert building designers can do just that! No joke. 

Integrity New Homes take your drawings and your dreams to create the home you want, all for a small upfront fee (fee credited on your building contract).… Our process looks like this

  • You bring in your sketch
  • We help you fill out a home design form that tells us what you want in that home, where it is going to be located, what your budget is… etc.
  • You pay a small upfront fee. The fee includes the cost of contour and soil tests if required.
  • If you don’t already have it, we can order a contour survey and soil test so that we design your home to suit your site. The contour and soil tests are yours to keep whether you proceed to contract or not.
  • We redraw your sketch into a workable, liveable home design.
  • Naturally you have opportunity to make changes to align with your expectations. When you are happy, we can provide a fixed price building contract, and the fees you have paid for your design are credited against the balance of your building contract. How cool is all that!?


To find out more contact your local Integrity New Homes team on 1300 886 793.