Our Colour Specialist Angela Leet has been researching what 2022 will look in terms of colour, shade and tone for new homes.

All things come around. It is safe to say that this year we will see trends from the 1970’s makes their way onto the walls of new homes in 2022.

With retro 1970s styles coming back, we’ll see cheerful pops of colour in yellows and pastels to create a modern and playful look. Colours that keep the mood bright and joyful make their way into the spotlight. As we spend more time at home, it’s all about designing spaces that embody happiness. Yellows play well with textured accessories, luxurious textiles and other interior design trends we expect to see rising in 2022.

Dulux’s Wonder palette has the retro look - Colour Forecast 2022 - Wonder | Dulux

Ultra-clean neutral colours that organize and connect spaces throughout the house will prevail. This colour trend aligns perfectly with interior design trends focusing on extreme minimalism aesthetics. There’s new importance for multi-use and open-plan spaces that pair well with simple colours.

In 2022 we expect to see less of the greys and blues that have been super popular these past 5 years, and swapping it for the creamy-white and beiges blended with jewel tones.
The Wonder palette from Dulux has some really great colours, including the popular green tones I mentioned in the last post - Part 1. Colour blending in your home, choosing accents and fun colours that make you happy are important all the time, but seem to be especially helpful to us during these crazy times.

How beautiful are the Dulux colours attached - Equatorial Forest, and Harmonious?

Expect whites in entries and hallways to connect spaces throughout the home.

Popular neutrals and whites for 2022: Vivid White, Rottnest Island, White on White, Lexicon Half and Lexicon Quarter, as well as the neutrals like Oyster Linen, Linseed, Terrace White, Snow Season, White Dune Half. Also Antique White USA is making a comeback.