Will the COVID-19 Pandemic change the building world as we know it? Our lives have been completely turned upside down, inside out, and whatever other way there is to describe the uncertainty and utter helplessness we have felt over the past few months.


A great quote from Maya Angelou says “If you don't like something change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” We have definitely had to do some mind shifting lately haven’t we. 😉

For builders and tradespeople, life has been semi normal in our work settings to some extent, still difficult but do-able.

Because the construction industry has been classified as an essential service under the Australian Covid-19 regime, work has continued on building sites. Social distancing rules have been applied both on our commercial and residential jobs, but the jobs have still been moving.

This has been a great effort of our Government to keep the economy going; it keeps people in work; it keeps supporting people through this.

We expect that these past few months will give our industry a bit of a reset along with the rest of the world; But the great news is, that building the new custom designed home of your dreams can still happen, and we as your bespoke home builders are here for you to do just that. 

One of the ways we see changes happening throughout Australia is the process of buying and building our homes.

Let us clarify this statement.

People living in the major cities and regional New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, ACT, and South Australia are enjoying the more one on one meetings with their builder, instead of a range of employees. Bespoke or  Personalised service is becoming more and more like it used to be – that good old-fashioned service with a smile. The authenticity of knowing the person who is in charge of your most valued asset.

Yes, Integrity New Homes offers this service. 😊

Integrity New Homes business owners are local couples and families who live in your community, who are builders with skills learned from years on the job as apprentices, as the chippies, as the main carpentry team or person on big jobs for other builders, through to now being the “Builder”

Each individual franchise owner loves to build a beautiful home, and we do it well.  It’s a passion of ours.

The Australian New Home buyers are now looking for someone who will be working ON their job, as well as being their main contact person. They no longer want to use the big commercial builder who doesn’t even know their name.

Whether you are wanting to build your new Custom Designed  home in Sydney, South Coast NSW, Geelong, Sunshine Coast QLD, Byron Bay, Coffs Harbour NSW, Port Macquarie, Inverell, The Central Coast, Newcastle, or Cairns… and anywhere in between,  we have got you covered.

From the very beginning of your New Home building experience; meeting with your local Integrity New Homes Franchise Owner,  and working through your dreams and ideas of what you want in your new home; The planning, the Designing, the Vision for the final product, this all happens with the builder himself.  We believe that the attention to detail given because of the personalised interaction with your builder, is a major contributing factor to your satisfaction during, and at the completion of the project.   

The final finishes and look of the Custom Designed  homes we build is a team effort – Home Owner and Builder. Interaction is encouraged. Together the process works.

We look forward to working with you, personally.