There’s an old saying that says “Tidy Home, Tidy Mind”

Our homes quickly become an extension of who we are, and everything from how they’re decorated to what we do inside them can affect our mood, productivity and even our outlook on life.


So, my top tips for creating a home that is great to come home to and spend time in, are:


  • Make your bed every morning  - smoothing the sheets, fluffing the pillows, or turning it back to allow the air or sunlight to freshen it up.


  • Wash your dishes, and clean your sink. There’s nothing more annoying than going to your kitchen sink and seeing /smelling last nights dirty dishes. If you have had friends over and didn’t wash up the evening before,  make it the first thing you do in your kitchen before you make your smoothie or have your breakfast.


  • Put a few fresh plants in your home, as i said in a previous post, these add oxygen to your home, and promote good health. 


  • Bring in flowers or nice greenery  from your garden,  or the gardens around the vicinity of where you live.  Put them in a vase where you can see them so you can enjoy them. Open your windows to allow sunlight and airflow into your home.  Plants and flowers will improve concentration while natural sunlight helps boost serotonin.


  • Burn a nice smelling candle – of course, get ones that are made from Soy Wax or Beeswax as they are less toxic, and have health benefits -  candles will make you feel calmer and more collected. If you have an essential oil diffuser, they are amazing too!


  • Get rid of the magnets and mess on your fridge door! Yes, I know for some of you that might be hard,  and you love to look at your kids baby photo’s as you open your fridge,  but really, those photos might be best put into a collage in a nice frame on the wall if you really need to see them all the time. 


  • De-clutter!  Put items that are cluttering up your home into a box. Take the box to the Op-Shop or give it someone who might be in need of such items. Clutter can be anything from ornaments to too many clothes in your cupboard. Rule of thumb is,  if you haven’t used something during the past year, you probably won’t use it again.  Sometimes I have had spur of the moment clean outs, and I find they are often the best, because the things that are making your life feel shrouded in a cloud, are often the things that you don’t really want or need anyway,  so you are better off just to get them out of your life.


  • After you have got rid of the clutter, and cleared your house and your head,  invest in a few new cushions and a throw for your lounge, something fresh and new, and clean.


  • Clean your house! If you are too busy, hire someone once a week or once a fortnight to help. You will be surprised how much better it makes you feel.


  • What you do in your home can seriously impact how happy you are in it and because of this I suggest spending as much time as you can with family and friends. Instead of watching television in the evening (leave it OFF) , make the most of family time by cooking dinner together, listening to music and talking.  Inviting friends over to enjoy experiences in your home will encourage you to take more pride in how it looks and feels. A note on this: be careful who you allow into your life. Choose friends that lift you up and make you happy!



  • So, the previous point leads to this next point which is LAUGH EVERYDAY! Take the time to ring a friend who lifts you up and makes you laugh, or read a book or article that makes you smile. Laughter is always a great medicine!


  • Start a gratitude diary.  Every day write down something that you are grateful for. Thankful/Grateful people are happy people.


  • My last point and one of the things I am super passionate about, is making time to include exercise into your daily to-do list.  Never underestimate the power of the happy hormones that are produced through daily exercise.  Find the thing that you like to do and just START. Be consistent and MOVE everyday.



  • Keep Smiling!