When it comes to building a new home, individuals often find themselves at a crossroads, torn between two primary options: the predictability of a project home or the allure of a custom-designed architectural masterpiece. It's a critical decision, one that hinges on finding the sweet spot between the rigid constraints of a project home and the financial strain of working with an architect. In this intricate dance of choices, Integrity New Homes has carved a unique space for itself in the new home market.


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At Integrity New Homes, we don't fit the mold of traditional project home builders who offer a limited selection of standardized plans and a clearly defined path of inclusions. Neither are we exclusively catering to those who can afford an architect's bespoke services. Instead, we occupy the middle ground, crafting custom homes that are both unique and affordable.

Our approach involves designing custom homes tailored to the specific preferences and needs of our clients. We then collaborate with our clients to develop the inclusions that lead to an affordable custom home solution.

The keyword here is "affordable."

We recognize that many individuals turn to project home solutions because they believe a custom home is financially out of reach. On the other hand, those who embark on the customary custom home route often find themselves facing budget constraints that threaten their dream home's realization.

This is where Integrity New Homes distinguishes itself. We stand at the intersection of these two contrasting options, offering a compromise that blends the creativity of custom design with a price tag that won't break the bank. While our prices may not be as low as those of a full project home solution, rest assured that our custom homes are undeniably affordable.

If you find yourself yearning for a one-of-a-kind, individualized home but fear that the services of an architect are beyond your financial reach, you need to talk to our builders at Integrity New Homes. We understand the frustration of designs returning from architects that are financially unattainable for most people. If you desire a custom home solution but worry that it's out of your budget, reach out to us.

Day after day, we've been witnessing our clients achieving great outcomes with affordable custom homes. We encourage you to take that leap, to explore the possibilities, and to embark on the journey toward your dream home. When you connect with Integrity New Homes, disappointment will not be on the horizon. Our promise is to make your dream home a reality without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, Integrity New Homes offers a unique position in the new home market, bridging the gap between project home solutions and architect-designed custom homes. Our dedication to designing custom homes at affordable prices ensures that you can have a unique and individualized home that suits your budget. Don't let cost concerns hold you back; reach out to us and discover the possibilities for your dream home.