At Integrity New Homes, our clients are the most important thing in our business and that's the reason we take safety really seriously. When you drill down to the bottom of that, safety is all about protecting the clients and a safe site is going to be a site that runs smoothly. The clients get a great outcome, but it's also the reason we're very particular about client access because construction sites are really a dangerous place and the sorts of things I see on sites where there's a potential for open trenches, nails through shoes, things falling.

The other day we're on a site where a boom broke on a crane. So you can imagine it's just fundamentally a dangerous place. Our contractors and staff are trained to be safe in that environment, but our clients, of course, come from all different backgrounds and are not going to be familiar with the safety requirements of a site. So for that reason, we use a safety induction process like the one you can see here.

Our staff and contractors scan this QR code so they can get a proper induction, know the current safety risks to the site and ensure everyone goes home healthy and well at the end of the day. But what that means for our clients, of course, is that site access is just restricted to a time that they're accompanied with one of our team, our site supervisor is the best person for that access, and that just ensures everyone is safe and that the site runs well.

So just to reiterate, our clients are the most important thing in our business and our safety processes ensure that they get a great job and go home safely along with everyone else in the team.


Proper safety processes save you time and money - Video