What’s the favourite part of a home entry in your opinion? Is it the front door?  The pot plant? The hall table?  The painting? 

Truth be told,  all of us will have a differing opinion about what looks amazing and what looks pretty ordinary.  Our opinions differ, just like our homes and lifestyles differ.  So,  there is no absolute, unbiased way of making an entry that every person is going to LOVE and wish was in their own home. 

Do you agree?

Ok, now I have put that out there… lets talk about what I think is a great entry. 

So of course it’s going to depend on the style that you are going for, but for the purpose of this blog,  I am going with a contemporary modern feel,  but one that is classic.  By Classic I mean, something that doesn’t really date.

So, think quality front door.  Your front door is your statement,  it’s the entry point of your home to all invited guests.

It’s the first impression.

Do you like leaving a good first impression?  Of course you do,  we all do. We want people to like us,  we want people to like our home and to feel welcome and comfortable the moment they walk through the door.

A few things to think about that you might like to include or make changes to in your entry.

  1. A hall table.  This is the place you put your keys, or the thing you must not forget next time you walk out the door. It’s the spot for a vase of flowers that are fragrant and beautiful so that it’s aesthetically pleasing when you walk inside. A lamp is perfect here too,  it creates mood, and also adds valuable light to the entry. 
  2. Make the entry bright and cheerful. Paint the walls in a light colour or a fresh white [Dulux Lexicon Half or Dulux White on White are perfect whites that complement any home and any décor]
  3. Ensure there’s no clutter
  4. Keep it clean and tidy, devoid of cobwebs or insects [dust the light fittings regularly, and clean the windows and ledges.
  5. A mirror is a great addition to the entry of your home, it creates playful light and allows for the last minute self- check before the visitors arrive or as you are leaving the house.
  6. A “mud cupboard is a good idea too, somewhere to hang your jacket or place the umbrella,  a place to put your shoes so they are not a mess inside the entry.  A shoe box or cupboard would also be a great addition too, to keep it neat and tidy.

Remember that your home is your castle. Your entry is the way into that castle,  so make it inviting. Your style is going to start there and proceed throughout the home, so use the entry to set the scene.