On my lounges of my lovely Integrity New Home,  I have a lot of cushions.

Seriously, a lot of cushions.

Yes, I love cushions.

Why, you ask does a person need  so many of them?

Good question!

The reason I love these comfortable, stylish items is that they add so much enjoyable relaxation to the living room couch. They really do add style and function to your custom designed, or even a standard inclusions home, which perhaps you built on a tight budget. Often the finishing touches you place in your carefully planned home, are the things that bring it all together, and give it life!

When my family sits around on the lounges in our living room, each one of them seems to grab two cushions… yes, it’s true. One for an arm rest, one for a back support… then there’s the cushions to hold on your lap for added luxury and comfort.  I miscounted, that is now three pillows each and if there is 6 of us in the lounge room, that is a massive 18 cushions needed.

There you go.

That is why I have so many of them.  😊

Cushions come in many shapes and sizes,  but the most common is the square shape. I like to mix it up with some rectangular ones and even a round one or two.  What I particularly I like to have in a good cushion is duck down, or feathers. These cushions can be shushed and plumbed and shaped to suit whatever look you are trying to achieve.

Just a few of these beauties on each couch makes the rest of the more homely and plain cushions fit in well, and it all looks good together.

When choosing cushions for your lounge room think about the overall colour theme and style that you want.

For me,  I have some basic feather filled creamy coloured, textured cushions as my basic go to’s that stay there even when I change up the rest of the cushions.  This ensures that you are not overspending on new cushions every season, you only have to buy a few to change up your whole look.

So, the ones mentioned above are obviously more expensive, so they are your investment ones… the other every day cushions that you can chuck out or donate to your local thrift store at the end of the season (if they are accepting cushions) are the lovely styles and designs from the wonderful stores called Kmart or Target.  They seriously have upped their game these past few years, which has made styling so much easier and more affordable.

So my first tip is, to start yourself a pinterest board, which helps you work out your style… and helps you get an idea of what you are looking for when you go into the shops.

Once you know what style you are going for and the colours that are your NOW colours, the shopping is so fun and the styling when you get it all home,  is so satisfying.

Good luck.  Go find yourself some cushions to add texture and comfort to your living spaces. 😉