It's a big decision! 

One that you will have to live with for years to come potentially.

Choosing your colour scheme can be a daunting task, and should not be done flipantly. 
Your personal style is of course the first important thing to consider. The colour selections you make will all be reflective of you,  or who you are, and what your specific style tastes are. Trends come in to play here as well,  with everyone having easy access to literally thousands of websites that show colours, and designs, latest trends for all areas of the home and lifestyle.  Ideas are everywhere.  So the process of choosing your colours, textures, fixtures and finishes should be easy, right? 

Not always!

Whether you choose a palette with neutral tones, cool colours, warm shades or dark colours depends on your personal tastes, the location of your home and how much natural light is available to enhance your colour scheme. 

Integrity New Homes have made this process easy with our 7 schemes we have put together for our valued clients, whether you have designed a custom home or picked from one of our incredible done-for-you plans and facades,  you can still choose to meet with an Interior Designer or you can simply choose from the schemes available. These have been put together by our Interior Designer and Colour Consultant who has 20 years of practice under her belt.... so you can rest assured that all the colours are going to work, and look great in your new home or renovation. 

All the Fast Track schemes have quite neutral colours, with plenty of whites and light colours to cover what is presently the most on trend interior design. You can add your own pop of colour if you like.  They each have options for interior flooring - depending on the range of inclusions you choose in your contract. Each combination of inclusions have been specifically chosen within the palette to work together, so that all your living spaces work. So if you stay within the choices and  colours specified for each Fast Track Scheme,  you will be sure to have all elements of your home working together. Your personal touch will finish it off beautifully after the handover :)

Each local Integrity New Homes Builder across Australia,  will work with you to ensure that the colours you have chosen are allowed within your local council precinct and will ensure that the government requirements are adhered to, thus ensuring a pain free approval process.  

The Exterior colours of the home are obviously the most impacted by  the local planning rules and regulations. Therefore careful thought has gone into ensuring that all the colour schemes will be approved. Colorbond Surfmist and Colorbond Shale Grey are two of the colours a lot of people love especially in Coastal areas,  but these colours are often frowned upon by council and not allowed in the various subdivisions in coastal areas, as they are too reflective and can have a negative impact on homes that may be above the roof of these homes. 

No matter what Fast Track Scheme you choose, you will be sure to have a stylish home colour  and incredible looking home  that you can't wait to come home to. 

Integrity New Homes... we really are about "Changing my World" and Creating Happy Homes. 

Contact us today to talk to your local INH Builder, or check out our Design range or custom design options.