WELL!  We Aussies do love our kitchens and the Butlers Pantry has become the “thing to have” in our kitchen spaces.

What’s so great about it,  you ask? 

Personally,  I think they are amazing. I love to hide my dirty dishes and my rubbish and my Clutter (No I don’t admit to clutter😉)  behind a wall and pretend my house is Perfectly clean ALL THE TIME because it is RIGHT?

Of course it’s not.

I love to entertain,  and I love to cook.  Mainly because it’s so satisfying for me to see people enjoying food and enjoying each other’s company.  BUT,  with entertaining comes mess.  Yes, it’s true. 

That’s where the BUTLERS PANTRY comes in!


So,  what goes into a butlers pantry?  Everything!

Your toaster, your thermomix (maybe not) ha

All your food,  your big dishes, your endless supply of gadgets, your dishwasher, your preserves (hey, does anyone do that anymore?) (side note: my sister in law does and she’s amazing)

And when you are preparing food you can either do it in your main kitchen or in your butlers pantry. In the photo attached,  the pantry doors are made of glass, and it just looks like a small cupboard,  but you open the doors and behind those doors is a massive room full of shelves,  a bench, and appliances including a wine fridge and steam oven. You would never know until you opened the doors.  

A butlers pantry can be a few different configurations… one that I like is the ‘walk-in-behind’ one that just looks like an opening at the side and back of the kitchen.  It is easy to use and it is discreet. Often a popular choice for a home that hasn’t got lots of available space, as it’s a L Shape.

Another beautiful butlers pantry style is two cavity sliding doors that can be left open or shut at the back of the kitchen or side, and can make the pantry be part of the kitchen or not… simple but practical.

Usually your main sink goes into the butlers pantry for washing up and your other sink in the island bench or main kitchen is just a small one for drinks and washing glasses etc…

At Integrity New Homes,  we understand what families need in their home designs, so many of our designs have butlers pantries already designed into them.  Those that don’t,  but the rest of the design is perfect for you,  our inhouse building designers can amend for you as part of our custom design service offering to our clients.

Talk to any of our locally owned and operated Integrity New Homes franchises around the country and you will be excited to find a home design that suits you and your family.