Narrow lot houses require careful planning and execution.😉

Improper planning or insufficient attention to detail could render the whole or part of the structure too small and inconvenient for practical use or affect the aesthetic appeal of the house, which is a huge buzzkill and has a great impact on its market value.😏

A wholistic approach to the planning and building process is necessary for proper project execution and customer satisfaction. 

A common challenge faced by many bespoke builders is the difficulty in arranging customized building parts of specialized designs and irregular sizes to suit the requirements of a peculiar site. Common suppliers of building accessories and parts may not find it convenient to disrupt their mass production processes or use their time and manpower for a one time client with a non standard construction plan.

So, bespoke builders must necessarily have local suppliers who are willing to cater to their needs in a professional and timely manner. As a result, many customers turn to local builders with good reputation for such projects. Here is where Integrity New Homes Surf Coast stands strongly in the market.  The growing demand for bespoke houses in the market in recent years has led to the establishment and growth of many local suppliers of components for bespoke houses.

Integrity New Homes Surfcoast has had many years of experience in housing construction in localities around Torquay, Lorne, and the Victorian Bellarine Peninsula. We are well known for our expertise in the design and realization of custom made homes. Our vast design library will surely surprise you with the home idea you have been dreaming of all along but didn't know was practically possible to convert into a reality.
We endeavour to provide the best possible products and services for our clients.

We call this -- The Integrity edge.

Contact Integrity new homes today for your new homes.😊