When you’re dealing with a builder it is always important to check the list of inclusions you receive in your costing. However, it is just as important to enquire about the finishes and inclusions that may not be visible.

How a builder handles the little things is certainly worth knowing. Examples are:

Do they leave the skirtings off so the floating floor can be installed first? Otherwise the flooring may be fitted with a Scotia against the skirting and look unsightly.

Do they do step downs to the slab in the wet areas? This means when the tiling is laid it finishes level with the other flooring. You then have no step to trip on.

Blocking in the walls to mount T.V’s, towel rails, dryers etc.? Plenty of blocking means these fixtures are easy to install with added strength and reduces failures.

These are just a few simple items that an experienced and adaptable builder should include in their standard level of inclusions.

We at Integrity New Homes South Coast include all these items and more at no extra charge, to ensure customer satisfaction.

Remember, often it’s the little things that count to make a home great. 

To find out more, get in touch with the Integrity team.