When requesting a quotation on your build, it’s not all about the final figure. Too many people look at the bottom line and select a builder based on the quoted price alone, forgetting that specifications and inclusions are what really make or break a quote for your new home. 

It’s important to consider a selection of things when choosing a reliable builder, including processes, team, staff and reputation. Once you’ve found someone who meets all your requirements, it’s time to look carefully at the quotation provided. Namely, what does the quote include? This doesn't just mean the amount of inclusions, but the quality as well. 

The obvious areas to check first are items like appliances, tapware, bath, toilets and vanities. You should always check whether these have been specified or whether a P.C. (Prime Cost) amount has simply been allowed. If items are included, do they meet your requirements and quality selection? Alternatively, will the P.C. amount cover the item you have in mind? Some builders may include only a small P.C. amount for an item, which means you will be required to make up the difference later. The same goes for floor and wall tiles, carpet and timber flooring. 

It’s not only the obvious items that need checking; a quality builder will take the time to talk you through your quotation and highlight all included areas. This could include things like 90mm wall frames, anti-condensation blankets under roofing, Sisalation to external walls and upgraded insulation. 

Often it’s the little things that will make a difference, like extra garden taps, power and TV outlets and three coats of paint, rather just two. You should even check the quality of the paint brand included in the quote.  
Tiling height in your bathroom is also critical; if one builder has allowed for just a skirting tile and another has allowed for floor to ceiling tiling, prices will vary greatly. 

It’s so important to check your inclusions but don't forget to also check for any exclusions – it’s not always what’s included, but what hasn’t been that can help to make or break your decision. But that’s a whole separate topic!

Always thoroughly check the specifications and inclusions of a quote and remember, if you’re unsure, just ask. A best practice builder will be more than happy to run through the list with you. Don't forget, it’s all in the detail. 


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