What is a duplex or multi-unit development?

A duplex building is a residential building containing two homes that are built on one parcel of land, usually connected by a dividing wall, however, can also be detached. Duplex designs have separate entrances, driveways, gardens and living spaces.

A multi-unit development is a residential building containing three or more homes that are built on one parcel of land. These are usually a Strata Subdivision, whereas a duplex can either be a Strata Subdivision or Torrens Title, depending on the local government regulations and conditions.

The size of the development will be determined by the block size and zoning from the Local Council.



Advantages to building a duplex or multi-unit development

Duplex and multi-unit developments are a great way to create extra value from a block of land. 

These developments are popular with investors, who have purchased a parcel of land with an existing house as it can be demolished to construct a duplex or a multi-unit development.

It is also a popular choice for individuals no longer needing the larger house to live in. A duplex or multi-unit development provide the option to live in one dwelling and rent the other/s.


What is the cost of building a duplex or multi-unit development?

One thing to be wary of is the cost of developing. The cost of building a multi-unit development is greater as costs can quickly add up. Some of the costs to be aware of are fire walls, extra service connections and council contribution fees. Landscaping will also be required.

Older areas with larger lot sizes are favourable when adding a granny flat or another house to the property, as existing houses can either be demolished or retained depending on the condition.


Shellharbour multi-unit development

This was an architect designed two storey triplex with a single unit at the front and an attached pair at the rear. This design featured James Hardie Newport cladding and a partially enclosed deck with a large window providing light into the stairwell. The concrete encasement of the sewer was an early issue to overcome, however, this build was still  completed ahead of schedule.



Oak Flats multi-unit development

This was another two storey triplex, however, the two attached units were at the front and the single unit at the rear. This was a simpler design which ensured the cost was kept down and constructed with brick and cladding. This build was also completed ahead of schedule.  



Upcoming Berry duplex

This upcoming duplex will be a single level attached duplex comprising of three bedrooms in each. The block width allows for the units to be built side by side. Stay tuned for regular updated as this duplex will be kicking off in the next month!