When building on a sloped site, whether uphill or downhill from the street, major considerations for construction are required. These considerations can include driveway levels, excavation, views, stability, drainage and height restrictions. 

The very first consideration should be your driveway gradient – this will be determined by the street level, the garage level and the house setback. A balance will need to be found between these three factors to ensure your driveway isn’t too steep or awkward. 

Your house design will also need to incorporate levels that work with the contours of the land. This will reduce the amount of excavation, fill, retaining walls, sub floor foundations and the number of stairs required. Depending on the slope, your design may require multiple levels to accommodate the incline. 

When building on a slope, retaining walls will most likely be required and their design will need to be carefully planned. Engineers may also need to be consulted for any retaining walls taller than one metre. In addition to construction, waterproofing, termite protection, drainage and backfilling all need to be taken into account during the building process. 

Due to the nature of your project, many areas of the site may be difficult to access and will require additional assistance, which could include cranes, extra manpower and pumps. One or all of these may be necessary to assist in manoeuvring material around the site.

In regards to excavation larger cuts may be necessary, especially if your house is being built on an upward sloping block. This in turn means the removal of excess excavated material, which will need to be considered before any work is done. The chance of striking rock and other hazards also increases as excavation grows deeper, which means shoring and supporting of embankments may also be required as the safety of workers is paramount. 

Planning and experience are invaluable when constructing on sloping or difficult sites. Before you begin construction, ensure that your builder has essential expertise and a solid reputation when it comes to building on sloping sites. 

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