No building journey should start without a thorough breakdown of your budget. Most builders will inquire about your finances as one of their first questions, so you need to know where you stand from the very beginning.

A trip to your finance supplier will quickly establish an inclusions level, size or type of construction you can expect for your money. 

If you are having your designs made up by a drafter or architect, make sure you have already visited a builder with your budget in hand. A best practice builder will be able to advise if your budget is compatible with your build requirements very early, which can save a lot of time, effort and expense from all parties. It also has the benefit of creating a rapport with your potential builder – the more you interact, the more you can feel comfortable in the relationship required between both parties. 

A builder should not commence construction until they receive a letter of commencement from your financial institution. The earlier you organise your finances and budget, the less delays you will have when it comes time to break ground, as under or over-estimating your borrowing capacity can have adverse effects on your construction. Planning early will alleviate this issue and make designing and creating your project much simpler. 

In fact, the only visit I would recommend before sourcing a builder is your financer/broker. Start with a budget and don’t be afraid to share it with your prospective builder. It will save you both time and money and that’s always a win.