Advantages of Steel and Timber Frames

When building your dream home, there are plenty of elements to consider– design, materials, furnishings and fittings all come into play. However, one of the earliest decisions you’ll encounter is whether to use timber or steel frames in your property’s construction. Here at Integrity New Homes South Coast, we have used both materials over the years and see the advantages of both. While timber has been around for longer, concerns about termite damage (a huge problem in Australia) and decay have allowed steel to become a serious alternative.  

However, this doesn’t mean the metal didn’t have some teething problems. Early on, steel frames were tack-welded together and produced a creaking sound when they expanded and contracted. This has now been largely eliminated, as they are now screwed together, which provides room for expansion. Meanwhile, the largest concern with timber – termite invasion – has been rectified to some extent with the introduction of T2 treatment.

So which one should you use in your home? We look at the major advantages of both materials:

Steel Frames

  •  A 50-year warranty when constructed with Australian-made Bluescope Truecore Steel.
  • 100% termite and borer proof, ensuring no rotting.
  • Steel is non-combustible and will not contribute to the spread of fire (especially noteworthy if your home is in a bushfire-prone area)
  • It has a high strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Provides straight walls in long runs as steel does not suffer from bows or bends due to knots.
  • Steel does not shrink, rot, warp or sag.
  • Fabricated frames come with pre-punched service holes for wiring, plumbing etc.
  • Frames are light and easy to carry for construction.
  • Frames do not require treatment of preservatives, pesticides and do not support mould growth.
  • Steel is 100% recyclable and frames would contain a percentage of recycled material.

Timber Frames

  • Timber is environmentally friendly as it is a renewable resource.
  • It’s durable if treated correctly and can be used near the ocean.
  • Timber frames have a 25-year warranty.
  • Timber is a natural insulator due to air pockets within it cellular structure.
  • Fast and efficient to build with and can be easily adapted for design flexibility.
  • Timber is structurally very strong.  

Really, it comes down to your home, its requirements and your personal preference. No matter what you choose, our tradesmen are happy to erect either system. As such, we offer the choice of both steel and timber frames at no extra cost. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you bring your dream home to life.