Are you looking for a Land?
You've already purchased land and wanted to build the best possible home to suit your lifestyle.
We are here to help; we offer an obligation free initial consultation.
Our friendly building designer can help you choosing and customizing the right design that fits your block size and suits your requirement, façade options available to make your home appealing. Once you are happy with the design options, our team can help you choose all the inclusions you would like to have in your home and a preliminary estimation can be worked out; all free of charge..!!
We can use our industry experts to answer all your queries you may have to make an informed decision, even before you make a purchase or making a contract!


We pride ourselves on being as honest and transparent as we can with our clients. A big part of this is making sure we get all the information right before taking the project to contract.
Hence, we’ll prepare a preliminary service agreement for you. This is not a final contract but it allows us to conduct some surreys specific to your land. You’ll need to pay a very small amount of non-refundable fees to enter into this contract, but these fees are fully deductible from the final contract price of your home.
We’ll be doing:
  • An inspection of the site
  • Contour and feature survey of the site
  • Site investigation and associated geotechnical report of the site
  • Wind rating and coastal exposure classification report of the site
  • Estimate – fast track
  • Drafting – fast track
At the end of this, we will be able to produce some site-specific reports that are necessary to conduct and we’ll provide you with a fixed price contract.
During this time, our expert will discuss and decide on some important aspect of your home i.e. Design and planning of the home, Inclusions, Colour Scheme etc.


Once you are happy with the design, inclusions and the price of the home which is worked out specific to your land and your specific requirement, we can enter into the final contract. Upon signing the contract, you will be asked to pay a deposit to confirm the contract. Once we received the deposit we will submit the Development Application paperwork.


Here is the most exciting part where you will see your dream taking shape..!!!
To offer a hassle-free experience, our construction team will organise multiple meeting with you on-site as well as off-site over the course of construction. Our experts will take the utmost care to ensure that everything comes together as you have imagined it would be.
Once complete, your building supervisor will arrange a meeting with you on-site to officially handover the keys and you can start enjoying your beautiful new home! 

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