Looking for a Display Homes in Geelong?

We present to you some of our award-winning Display Homes. Visit our virtual Display Homes to get the experience of design and quality we built.

Saltwater 242 - https://www.inh.com.au/geelong/page/saltwater-display-homes-geelong

Hudson 280 - https://www.inh.com.au/geelong/page/hudson-280-display-homes-geelong

Genesis 316 - https://www.inh.com.au/geelong/page/genesis-316-display-homes-geelong

Presence 250 - https://www.inh.com.au/geelong/page/presence-250-display-homes-geelong

Madrid 160 - https://www.inh.com.au/geelong/page/madrid-160-display-homes-geelong

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