When you are choosing the most suitable building company for your new home in Geelong, it might seem overwhelming and hard but this is the most important part to ensure your building wants and needs are in the hands of the professionals whom are going to give you what you want. Custom home designs at your fingertips tips! 
Choosing the most suitable building process is easy with the right company! From the moment we begin working with you – we take the build as our own unique one and the journey is catered for every aspect, the best part is that all of our standard homes can be customised and we also offer custom designs from scratch and at no extra or minimum cost!

You and your family will be delighted to custom build and design with us! We are the new home builders that Geelong has always needed and now we are satisfying our customers daily! 

Let the building begin with trusted professionals whether your looking for style, inspiration or just the right company for your dream home!

  • Our experienced Building Consultants are on hand to answer any questions along the way and if you’re looking for land to fit your new dream home on. We will assist you custom build your new home. 
  • Our team can look at the best siting options for your home whilst addressing developer guidelines. This is a great way to ensure you keep to your budget by providing peace of mind up front.
  • Once you have decided on your dream home and location, you’ll receive a personalised free estimate, followed by a preliminary agreement of your new home and tender.
  • When you are happy to proceed, your full working drawings (plans) and HIA contract will follow.
  • Now it is time for the real fun to begin – selecting your colours! At the selection stage you’ll make choices suited to your own style and flair literally this part is all up to you. Be it tiles, paint, electrical layout and more, you’ll be spoiled for choice in our showroom.
  • Following your selections, we’ll finalise all your paperwork with you and ensure all the relevant approvals are completed to commence construction. This is a pivotal step in the beginning of building your new home!
  • This is actually probably the fun parties! Time to see it all come together. After a site start date has been issued, your Building Supervisor will then become your primary point of contact. Your Supervisor will contact you to arrange a meeting on site where you will discuss the construction of your new home and from there on, provide you with a weekly update on the progress of your home.

The construction process comprises, the house base, frame, external linings and fixing and finally practical completion. Once these stages are complete, you’ll attend your final walk-through inspection to clarify any outstanding items. After all the key milestone stages of building your home are completed, you are at the handover stage where you receive the keys to your dream home.
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