Light. Any time you see a beautiful image of a home interior - whether it be in a magazine, or on Instagram, or Pinterest - there's often an extra intangible "thing" that makes an interior look amazing. No, it's not that leather sofa with the plush throw, or the glistening stone bench tops on that kitchen island...chances are, that thing that makes a space feel fresh and bright, is natural light. And plenty of it!

You might be wondering, "Great. So how can we harness this natural light?"

Windows are an obvious answer, but unless you live in a confined prison cell every home has them, so here are some extra ways you can take advantage of the natural light hitting your home.

1. Skylights

Want more light? A hole in the ceiling aught to do it!

Skylights are an excellent way to allow more light into a space, particularly in areas of the home that are often far from an external wall, such as a hallway or the centre of an open plan living area.

They can be built into the design of your home, or can be added to your existing home as part of a renovation. The large variety of skylight options also means there's choices to suit your budget, or satisfy your aesthetic desires.


2. Paint and Wall Colour

When light hits a white surface, the light 'bounces' and is reflected further. So choosing a shade of white for your interior walls, whether it be your paint colour or the colour of tiles you choose for a bathroom, is an easy and surefire way to increase the brightness of your home.

3. Multiple, Large + Frosted Windows

Windows are the straight-forward response to getting more light into your home - the larger your windows, or the more you have, the more light you'll be letting in.

But what can you do in a space like a bathroom where privacy is important? A high window is the most common choice in most home designs, and a skylight never goes astray. An alternative option is to go with a large window for optimum brightness, and opt for a frosted finish instead of keeping it clear. Frosting a window gives privacy without dimming any natural light coming through. So it's a win-win!


4. Choice of Doors

Your choice of doors can really help move light through your home. Side lights around a front door are always a great touch, and entryway doors are often the first to have glass panes or frosted windows set into them, but any door can be treated in this manner to let the natural light flow through. And remember - for privacy areas you can always go with a frosted finish!

5. Curtains

Curtains? Yes! This may sound strange at first, but sheer curtains can actually help diffuse natural light throughout, particularly in areas where you normally get a lot of direct sunlight entering your home. Adding sheer curtains can help smooth-out that stark light as it comes in, creating a lovely glow. Bonus, they also create a good amount of privacy too.



Letting natural light into your home will instantly improve the vibrancy of your house interior. Normally, a lot of one thing can be too much. But we think, when it comes to natural light, you can never have too much.