These days, planners and developers attempt to build enough housing to accommodate the growing population, the average land size is getting smaller right across Melbourne. Narrow blocks are becoming more common. While a narrow block does present some challenges, we can still build a new home you love with the right design without compromise.

Here are some tips on how to design and build a home on a small lot.

Open plan living and Clever Use of Space

If the block is small, it is even more critical to create the illusion of space by having an open plan layout. Taking the space that is made available can maximising the flow between living areas, including the entertaining outdoor space. Reducing additional walls and hallways will add a sense of space.

It is also essential to make the most of the available space. The Integrity New Homes has many designs for narrow blocks that illustrates this perfectly, as it includes space savers like a European laundry and a single-wall kitchen, which opens up the living space.

Another tip to maximise the living space on a small block is to create multi-functional areas that allow one room to have multiple uses. For example,  instead of having both a living area and a rumpus room, you can combine one space to fulfil this purpose. We can easily convert the space under the staircase into either a storage room or a study nook.

You can see an example of a small lot home in the Seaside 160 design. It has a contemporary ground floor single level floor plan with four bedrooms and an ample open space living area, which opens to a big outdoor alfresco area. 

Some of our other narrow block designs are the two-storey Caxton 270, which has living downstairs, and all bedroom upstairs (Suitable for a very narrow site with its width at 8.70m and depth at 21.90m) ;

 High Ceilings and additional floor 

If you choose to build on a narrow lot, features such as high ceilings can add a sense of space and light. Making your home appear visually larger. The usual standard height for ceilings is 2.4 meters. Ask the builder if they can raise the ceiling height to 2. 7m to 3m to create the illusion of more space. If you need more rooms or space to house your adequately family, consider building up with the addition of a second story.

The two-storey Paddington 235 and Paddington 250 are popular, and we can alter them to suit specific small and narrow blocks.

 Lots of Natural Light

Natural light is more likely to add a sense of space and comfort, and it can make all the difference to a narrow design. Living zones that incorporate large windows and skylights can work well to achieve this effect. You can enhance the space of your narrow lot design by painting the walls of your house with neutral colours, as the light will quickly reflect and open the area. Interior colour schemes that are bright, airy and add to a sense of volume; Conversely, chaotic colours will further narrow your living areas, and conflicting colours will clutter and confuse.

Benefits of Small Lot Design

Besides being cheaper to build, you can also expect a small home to cost you less time and money to keep clean and maintain. This leaves narrow lot homeowners with more time for leisure.
The Seaside 130 and Seaside 160 are two plans Integrity New Homes created to demand from people who want small home builder designs. Although people initially used these designs in holiday locations, we can easily alter them to suit other applications and areas.

Integrity New Homes has spent many years creating and refining a raft of narrow lot home designs to suit smaller and narrow blocks all over Australia. To get more information on building homes on a narrow block, please contact me.









如果你选择在一个狭窄的地块建造,抬高天花板的高度可以增加光线和空间感,使你的家在视觉上显得更大。通常天花板的标准高度是2.4米。可询问建筑商是否可将天花板的高度抬高到2. 7米至3米。以产生更多空间的错觉。如果你需要更多的房间或空间来充分容纳你的家庭,可以考虑加建第二层。