Steel vs Timber Frames


The frame is the backbone of the house, and it is important that it is strong and secure. Traditionally, homes have been built with timbers, steel frame homes entered the market in recent years due to the shortage of timber.

we have used both materials over the years and see the advantages and disadvantages of both. Here is a comparison between the two so you can make your own choice.


There is not much difference in cost between steel and timber frame homes.

Steel is more expensive compared to timber. However, most steel frames are prefabricated off-site, which reduces onsite labour costs and wastage. timber, on the other hand, is relatively inexpensive, more readily available, and can be built quickly. The final cost between the two is about equal.


Steel is a more durable material than timber. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio. Steel houses are designed to withstand hurricanes and bushfires which are a common problem throughout Australia. But the frame quality is more about the actual design and build standard, meaning that if a project meets Australian building standards, you don’t need to worry about quality either way.

Termite damage and corrosion

Termite damage has always been a big problem in Australia. Timber needs to be fully treated to address this problem to some extent. Steel frames do not require treatment of preservatives, pesticides and do not support mould growth.

However, in a coastal environment, the use of steel frames is riskier. Steel is a material that is easily corroded, the combination of water, wind and sand make it easy to rust.

steel frame in use

Movement and Cracking

There is nothing worse than finding cracks in a home. Even the slightest movement in the frame can cause cracks in the plasterboards inside the house. Steel frames do not twist, warp, or bend compared to timber frames, so there is less overall movement in steel frames.

However, steel is more likely to expand during the summer months, putting pressure on different areas of the house. This may cause movement and crack in the plaster and other areas.

 Environmentally friendly

Steel is 100% recyclable, but the high amounts of energy required in steel production do have a negative environmental impact. The steel production industry is still one of the major polluters on the planet, and steel mills leave a huge carbon footprint at every step of the steel production process.

Timber is a naturally renewable product. when you choose timber, you are choosing a renewable material that not only stores carbon for life (more than half the weight of dry wood is carbon, absorbed from the atmosphere by a growing tree) but also has low embodied energy.

Whichever material is used to construct the frame, the building will comply with Australian standards. the use of a timber or steel frame is more a matter of personal preference. Whichever system you choose, our builder will be happy to install it for you. We offer the choice of both steel and timber frames at no extra cost. If it is still difficult to decide, please feel free to write and call me to discuss.


房屋的框架结构----  钢架VS 木架





钢材相对木材更贵。但大部分钢结构住宅的框架都是工厂预制件。 它的好处是可以现场直接安装,快捷方便,这样可以减少现场施工的人工成本和材料损耗。