When you're building a home, you'll quickly discover that different builders have many floor plans to choose from. Here are a few things to consider about how to choose the right floor plan.
Your budget
It doesn't make sense to choose a design that you can't afford. The builder's brochure will give you a basic idea of what the house will look like and how it will be laid out. Let them provide pricing for these standard designs as a reference for the house you want to build. If ever you need to make changes to the standard designs, the build price will become higher. So try to find the house type that needs minimal adjust.
Some builders also offer a "custom service", which means that for a fee, you can ask them to design a custom home just for you using their standard materials and fixtures or to make significant changes to one of their off-the-shelf designs.

Of course, custom designs add to the overall cost of construction.

Your Needs
Make a list of your needs. Your list of needs should reflect the way you want to live. Create a list of "must-haves" and "better haves" and things that don't apply to you at all.
If you work from home and need a quiet space, then a room designed specifically for that purpose becomes necessary.
Does your family enjoy the outdoors, or do they like to snuggle up in the AV room and watch movies? Depending on the family members, determine if a well-designed outdoor area or a dedicated AV room is necessary.

How long do you plan to stay here?
Ask yourself the question, "Will we be in this home for a long time, or just a few years?" The answer will help you determine what is critical and what can wait until you build again. If you have young children, the needs will change as they grow. How long you will live in the home determines what needs there are for that period.
Home Orientation
The orientation of your home design can have a huge impact on how it feels to live there.  Australia is in the southern hemisphere, where the north and northeast sides have better light and ventilation and are more comfortable to live in. Natural light is essential. It makes your home more energy-efficient, drier and healthier. Large windows facing north are an excellent design. If you have purchased a lot but are not very happy with the orientation, we can customise the design to optimise your land use.

Your home style
While your budget has a degree of influence on the style of home you can build, style is worth considering. Your home reveals your tastes. So why not create something you like within your price range? Hampton style homes are currently a massive trend in Australia right now, and it's a great style for both coastal and rural areas. It's a classic and beautiful style that can easily be incorporated into an open plan living space. I can specialise in this style in the future.

The best way to make sure you choose the right home design is to choose a home builder on the client's side . If you don't know how to choose the right design yet, get in touch with me.






有些建筑商还提供 "定制服务",也就是说,只要支付一定的费用,你就可以要求他们用他们的标准材料和装置设计一个专为你定制的房子,或者对他们的一个现成设计进行重大修改。




列出你的需求清单。你的需求清单应该反映出你想要的生活方式。建立一个 "必须要有 " "最好要有 "的清单,以及那些对你来说完全不适用的东西。





问自己一个问题,"我们会在这个家长期居住,还是只住几年?" 答案将帮助你确定哪些至关重要,哪些可以等到你再次建造时再考虑。 如果你有年幼的孩子,随着他们的成长,需求也会随之改变。那么,你会在这个家住多久,决定了这段时间的生活有哪些需求。


房屋设计的朝向会对居住感觉产生巨大的影响。  澳大利亚在南半球,北面和东北面有更好的采光和通风,住得更舒适。自然采光必不可少,它让你的房屋更节能,更干燥,更健康。 朝北的大窗户是一个极好的设计。 如果你已经购买地块,但对朝向不是很满意,我们可以帮助你定制设计,优化土地使用。



虽然你的预算对你能建造的房屋风格有一定程度的影响,但风格绝对值得考虑。 你的家透露着你的品味。因此,为什么不在你的价格范围内创造一些你喜欢的风格呢? 目前,汉普顿风格( Hampton style)的住宅在澳大利亚现在是一个巨大的趋势,无论是在沿海地区还是乡村,都很适合这种风格。这种风格既经典又漂亮,可以很容易地融入开放式的生活空间。今后我可以专门介绍下这种风格。