Natural light is the first element that makes people feel comfortable in their homes and is the most critical first impression a home buyer will have when walking into a home. Lots of natural light can make a room feel fresh and bright, and the sunlight is one of the essential natural design elements as an excellent medium to connect indoor and outdoor spaces.  Exposure to natural light can improve our health and mood.
Therefore, introducing a lot of natural light to a house can significantly improve the living experience. We can start to bring more nature lights with the following tips:
1. Skylights
Natural light can be introduced through skylights in the home away from exterior walls, such as the centre of a hallway or living room. There are many types of skylight windows, and some are not expensive, so they are worth adding to your selection list.
2. Increase the size of your windows

No matter which way the windows face, enlarging them will maximise the natural light in your home. Using full windows in the living room and large windows in the bedrooms and study can bring more natural light to the house. For private spaces like bathrooms, it is common practice to use high windows, but large frosted windows are a better choice for privacy without dimming the natural light coming through. The front door can also be treated in this way, with frosted glass panels on the door to increase light transmission.

 3. Light-coloured walls
When light hits a light-coloured surface, the light will bounce and reflect. The lighter the colour, the higher the reflection coefficient of light. Therefore, choosing lighter tones for interior walls, whether it is a painted wall or a tiled wall, is an easy and reliable way to add brightness. Light-coloured flooring will also reflect more natural light than carpet. If you prefer carpet, try not to choose a dark colour either.
4. Reduce Walls
Reducing unnecessary walls allows for unobstructed light. An open kitchen and dining room, a connected study and a living room are great designs that reduce barriers and bring in natural light—smart use of soft partitions to avoid narrow and dark corridor design.
5. Light-transmitting curtains

 In contemporary interior design, natural light plays a highly critical role in both the functional level of space and atmosphere creation. Allowing natural light into your home will immediately improve the vibrancy of your house's interior. Our designers understand this and fully exploit the potential of natural light, using scattering, reflection, colouring and diffusion to enrich the interior space and shape its texture. To learn more about our designs, please feel free to contact me.



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