You bought a house lot, and now the challenge begins, deciding on a house design. However, we have your back! Integrity New Homes Coffs Coast can assist you in choosing the best option.
In this article, we’re going to explore together the main differences and advantages of a modern and a traditional house design. And don’t worry! If you can’t decide, you can get the best of both worlds. Continue reading to find out how.

Before Marking a Choice
First thing first, it’s important to mention that modern and traditional designs don’t reflect the difference between the past and the future. Each design reflects the taste and the preferences of the homebuyer and each house plan, as well as design, comes with different features.
Fortunately for you, the team at Integrity New Homes Coffs Coast and Clarence Valley will be there throughout the entire process to answer all your questions.

A Modern House Design: Innovation and Minimalism
A modern house plan has simple shapes, big windows, flat roofs, and intentional asymmetry. In the age of decluttering, a modern design does exactly that: it promotes a clean house look. That’s how the modern house is in a way linked to the minimalist lifestyle.
Open space is prevalent in this case. Although bedrooms offer privacy, the dining room might be connected to the living room and the kitchen. This promotes the idea of unity, so you can easily interact with other people in your household.
Moreover, rooms may have assorted styles or colour palettes. For example, if off-white and light tones of brown are the main colours of the living room, you can use this opportunity to make the kitchen a little bit bolder, by using darker colour tones.
The colours used in a modern house design also scream minimalism, ranging from neutral colours to beige, and maroons.

Advantages of a Modern House Design

1. Smart Technology Devices
With this house design, luxury is achieved through simplicity, but comfort is also an important feature. Modern houses are usually equipped with smart-technology devices that make one’s day-to-day living more comfortable and safer.
For example, motion sensors detect when someone enters a house and alert the owner if someone enters restricted areas. They also blend well with a modern house design, due to their minimalist, yet futuristic appearance.

2. Reduced Energy Bills
Some of these smart devices we mentioned earlier are also really practical. The constant use of air conditioning during the summer months lead to high energy bills. However, with a smart thermostat, you can program it to turn off when you leave a room or reduce output when people are not detected as moving about the space.

3. Space Maximisation
Due to its design, not only will your house look more spacious, but at the same time, you will spend less time cleaning it. This happens mostly because, in a minimalist home, there are fewer surfaces that need constant cleaning. Moreover, thanks to neutral colour palettes, dust is less visible. 

4. Steep Block Friendly
A modern house can also be built on more challenging lots, like steep sites. A house consisting of different levels, also known as split-level homes, is one of the most popular ways of building a house on a sloped lot.

A Traditional House Design: Timeless Elegance and Comfort
At its core, a traditional house design has a warm and inviting aura to it, and it’s usually the most popular design for big families. Its elegant architecture makes it seem like it hides a rich history between its walls. This house plan usually has a bigger footprint than a modern home, because it doesn’t use interior space maximization as much.
A traditional house design consists of softer shapes, symmetry, and a gable, or hip roof. Unlike modern homes, where open space is a key feature, in a traditional house you’ll find clearly defined rooms, all of them separated through walls and doors.
Aside from the main rooms (bedrooms, living room, kitchen, and bathrooms), in this case, every little space has its unique purpose. Usually, one room is dedicated to the washing machine and the dryer, and another room is used for storage.
However, nowadays, traditional homes are a mix of different styles. Many homebuyers seek the timeless elegance of a conventional home, but they are also looking for the innovation that comes with modern designs. So don’t be surprised if you see a house that has elements of both styles. You can certainly get the best of both worlds.

Advantages of a Traditional House Design

1. It's Family Friendly
A traditional house design emanates a certain warmth and cosiness, and that’s a criterion many homebuyers look for. Seeing it brings back memories of your old summer holidays, and that’s why it’s so great for families with kids.

2. It's Organised
Having so many designated rooms keep the space organized overall. Think about it like this: you know that when you want to wash your clothes you get them into the laundry room, so you don’t end up making a mess in the bedroom.
The same thing goes for the storage room. You won’t have to put the nice cutlery set in the back of your kitchen drawers to save it for special occasions. Chances are, you’ll forget about it. Instead, you can place it in the storage room, where you can have easier access to it.

3. It's Flexible
Maybe one of the greatest advantages of a traditional house is that you can easily change the purpose of a space. An office can become a small library and a bedroom can become a guest room. It all comes down to your creativity.

What's Next?
Deciding on a house design is not always easy. Fortunately for you, Integrity New Homes Coffs Coast have hundreds of ready to go standard house plans that you can take as-is, adjust to your requirements, and if none of those standard designs suit your style or your block, we can custom design a unique home from your design brief or hand sketch.
Do you like the idea of space maximization and open-space areas, but you also want your house to emanate the warmth of a traditional house design? You got it!