Below you will view what we hope to be very informal and helpful videos to help you through your new home build process.

The Importance of Builder Checklists in Adapting to National Construction Code Changes


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The Importance of a Written Quote from Your Builder: Ensuring Credibility and Accuracy


Unique Custom Design Homes with Less Friction


Proper safety processes save you time and money


How Geotechnical reports can save you thousands!


Which Cladding is best for your new home?


Why are builder specifications so important?

Getting the right builder is really important for the quality of your new home. What products you fill your home with is equally as important. Glenn shares why the building specifications and inclusions are important.

There are three reasons that influence Integrity New Homes when choosing products to add to our building specifications.

1. Cost

2. Ease of installation

3. Warranty, support and care.


What is your builders most important tool?

Glenn shares his insight into what he believes is a builder's most essential and effective tool and why using this tool brings confidence to the builder and peace of mind and clarity to the homeowners.


Why geotechnical reports are absolutely necessary!

Glenn Leet shares his insight into why geotechnical reporting is vital to any new home build process, and the stakes you play with if you work with a builder who doesn't use them. In his case, it could be the destruction of a newly built home or thousands of dollars in repair bills.


Steel Vs Wood Frames. What's the best option for you?

In Australia we have two choices for house frames, steel and wood. Glenn shares the pro's and con's of building with both in a video that aims to help new home owners choose their frame wisely.


Will new NCC laws increase the cost of building your new home?

There are changes to legislation that impact new home builders coming over the next 12 months. Some of those impact how your new home is going to be built. Will this increase cost? Are there benefits to you as a new home owner? Glenn from Integrity New Homes explains these changes and how he thinks this is a positive step.


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