There is no better time than spring and Summer for refreshing your home’s interior. Whether you just want to refashion a single room or give your entire home a bright summer makeover, Integrity New Homes Central West NSW, brings you the tips and tricks to top the trade! Look at our top 6 easy-fix tips for styling your home this summer.

Tip 1: Add a Plant - Bring in the Outdoors
Adding a plant quite literally adds more life to your indoors! They are attractive statement pieces with a plethora of benefits such as improved air quality, increased productivity, and even diminished stress levels! Plants, flowers, and branches also add colour, texture, and beauty to your rooms. Be it small succulents or large potted trees, plants come in all sizes to match your interiors. Just choose wisely! Also, consider the maintenance required by each type of plant before making your purchase. However, taking care of live plants is beyond your busy schedule, it's best to go for faux foliage that looks colourful and realistic.  

Tip 2: Incorporate Fresh Colours or a Neutral Colour Scheme
Energise your rooms with fresh colours this summer. Add bold shades to project a pop of personality to your room. Or add forever young neutral shades of linen and whites to give a bright and fresh look to your space. Maybe start by adding one or two accent pieces, like pillows and rugs or artwork and window treatments to test your room’s new ambience. Extra adventurous folks may introduce complementary paint tones or an entire wall. Or if you're someone with more subtle tastes, consider muted pastels for a softer approach, which are trending right now.  

Tip 3: Use Stripes to Spark Visual Interest  
Stripes add dimension and texture to your space easily without too many patterns or colours. Go for catchy striped pillows, rugs, curtains, and wall coverings or mix two different types of stripes – like bold vertical lines and delicate horizontal lines to create visual depth and sophistication to your room.  

Tip 4: Invest in Textured Materials and Accessories
Freshen up your home with new décor this summer by taking advantage of the Christmas sales at the end of November and start of December. Whether you want a complete makeover or just a casual spruce up to your space, textiles are an easy way to make it happen. Add summery cushions and bright patterned throw pillows or blankets in your living area. Maybe some fresh coloured towels in the bathroom. Add pieces like candles, nice earthen vessels, or platters to make your home your style statement.  

Tip 5: Clean the Windows  
Cleaning windows is a must to make a home look beautiful and feel airier!
Start by removing any window treatments or hardware preventing you from a good deep cleaning. Give the frames and screens a good scrub. Clean the curtains or blinds that need cleaning.

Tip 6: Freshen up your alfresco area and yard  
Spruce up your outdoor area and yard for some summertime fun by pressure washing the floor and walls and adding a quick coat of paint to the walls and posts.
Add bright cushions and some fairy lights. This will completely transform an otherwise dull corner of your alfresco into a vibrant space for gatherings. Maybe insert fairy lights in glass vases that turn off with a timer during the daytime. Options are plenty!

Get out of that rut this summer month and mix styles and colour combinations to create a home atmosphere that reflects your personality. Hope that our tips will help you in making changes to your home decorations, whether big or small, this summer. For more styling tips for summertime décor, feel free to give us a ring!