One thing that we love about the Central Coast or any coastal area is its offer of a great quality of living. We thrive in these places taking advantage of the picturesque views and beautiful beaches. With the lush bushland hills that trace their way up the coastline, these towns can offer many of us the opportunity to have breathtaking panoramic views from the comfort of our own home just like our current project pictured here. We thoroughly enjoy our days working at sites like these taking all our surroundings in which motivates us to piece together our clients dream. 

Being local to this area, our team have developed immense knowledge when it comes to working in particularly irregular terrain which can at times be a challenge. For us there is nothing more exciting than a challenge and nothing more pleasurable than standing back at the end of a build to marvel at our creation.

At Integrity New Homes we have created several designs that are made specifically to take advantage of what scenery a property has to offer. There are a number single storey, two storey and split level designs in our ever growing catalogue to cater to the needs of the occupiers and to the shape of the land. The glory of working with us is that we are also able to customise designs to make the most of the property you have.

Visit our Design library where you might find your dream home awaiting you or get some inspiration for your own project. All our designs have brochures available ready to download. Get in touch with us if you have any questions or need further information and let us help make your dream home come to life.