Obtaining building quotes to build a new home can be daunting and sometimes can also be a time-consuming task. At times, it can appear that the more building quotes you get, the harder the task becomes to compare. One of the most difficult parts of deciding on a builder is trying to work out what is included in the quote amount. There are no uniform laws or outlines controlling what is and is not included in a standard building quote so between builders, it will vary. In the residential building industry, there are a great number of competitors so seeing a quote that is 10% less than the others can appear on the outside very appealing but in this situation, it can actually mean you get 10% less inclusive that you may find you need to fork out later on in your build. Its at this point that you, as a consumer, will need to determine as to what it is that you will be getting and if this is going to suit you.

Here are some tips to get the best building quotes:


Know what you want to build

Whether you are designing a custom home or are wanting a ready-made design from your builder, be mindful that you are asking each builder for the exact same or at least similar components to your home. If you are selecting from pre-drawn designs, be mindful of the size of the house and its zones, the number of rooms, and the general layout to be as similar as possible. If you are unsure of what will suit your block of land, we can help you select a few designs that may work best for you. All our homes can be customised to best suit your living needs but none the less, you want to be mindful that all your quotes are fair in comparison.


Read through the builders’ standard inclusions list

This will give you an idea of what you know to expect and what additional components you will have to request to add to your quote if there are any. If you do not find it on the inclusions, assume that it is NOT included in and standard estimate.


Where you have specific requirements for your new home build, let it be known

Some additional features such as skylights, solar systems, tinted windows, landscaping, or water tanks may not be part of the standard inclusions provided by your builder. If you know of these additions, letting your builder know will ensure it can be added to your quote and give you a better indicator of what the overall cost will look like.


Provide full engineering plans

All builders will require you to have at the very least a details contour survey and geotechnical report. In some cases, depending on the location, there will be requirements for additional documents such as flood risk, wind, or BAL rating reports. In the instance that you have not obtained these documents, we can help you obtain them from our independent provider. If you are provided with a quote without giving a builder these details, you can assume that you are at risk of having increased costs should the concrete slab or building materials quoted not be compliant to build standards.


Compare your breakdown costs and NOT the overall price

Once you receive your estimates it is vital that you spend the time to compare all the components of your build and the costs so you can identify where the differences are in pricing between builders. The details should show you whether you are comparing apples with apples or not. For example, are you being quoted by one builder for a steel frame and another with a timber frame? What type of windows will be installed and what features do they have? What type of floor finishes, doors, heating and cooling, ceiling height, cornices, skirting, kitchen and furnishings (taps, door handles locks etc). Once you understand these you are then able to ask your builder the right questions about your quote. You will know what you want to discuss looking further into or making changes to. A good builder will be attentive to enquiries and be able to guide you with making the best decision that will benefit you long term.


At Integrity New Homes – Central Coast, we are local builders that live and work in our community. With the team strength of a franchise, we are able to offer you and incomparable interpersonal experience where we truly take pride in the quality of our work as it is a direct reflection on our reputation as an individual builder. We strive to be able to provide complete transparency with our estimations and contracts to ensure that our builds proceed smoothly, and our clients are comforted by knowing what they are getting. To find out more about our quotes and process please get in touch with us.