There are some that envision their dream home and are inspired by their design so choosing the land or location become secondary. In other cases, location becomes the forefront requirement, or land is purchased or inherited, and the next stage is finding the right design to suit. If the latter sounds like you then this article is also for you.

A vacant block of land can offer a huge amount of options when it comes to choosing or customising a design to make into your own home. A quality home builder will ensure to take all relevant factors into account when advising you on what would suit best. When thinking of a design, there are several factors that come into play that you and your builder need to be aware of. Firstly, to ensure that your design is compliant with regards to any legal constraints and council requirements. Secondly to ensure that your home is appropriate for the climate and can take advantage of natural resources like light, shade, and breeze.


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Some things to keep in mind when looking at your piece of land:

Know the environmental risks

It is important to understand whether your land is affected by risk of flood or is in a bush fire prone area. Being aware of these things will help you decide where is best to build and you can factor in any specialised materials or design features that need to be used for your new home build.

Using the right materials can have an impact on your insurance and the compliance of the house. This will too need to be factored into the cost of your build.

Understanding the condition of the earth

The type of soil on the property is very relevant to understand the type of footings and foundation that will be required that will be suitable to sustain a building on your land. This work must be done by a professional Geo-technical Engineer and is also used to assess the costs when removal of soil is required when building. It is good to bear in mind that the earth on your land can have its own story to tell and, in some builds, can provide risk for extra expenses occurring.

Using the Orientation, Slope or Shape of your land

Having a property that contains unique shape, slopes or orientation can potentially be slightly more costly to build on though utilising these factors can really make your home something amazing and uniquely beautiful. Your builder will be best to advise you on how you can ensure that your build makes the most of the space, is built in a way that motivates good accessibility from inside to outside and takes advantage of the sunlight, shade and natural ventilation. Our builders at Integrity New Homes Central Coast have the skill and experience to guide you towards making the most of your space and maximising the visual appeal of your home and its value.


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At Integrity New HomesCentral Coast, we have a wide range of designs in different shapes and sizes that can also be customised to suit any type of land. If you would like some advice on what would work best for your property, please get in touchwith us.