A trend that is coming back around again with full force is Skylights. If you are looking for a way to add style and value to you new home than this may be the way to go. At Integrity New Homes – Central Coast we have partnered up with Velux to provide you with a multitude of options when looking for skylights to enhance your home.  These days we have evolved the skylight from our basic fixed sun tunnels, panels, and wind-open windows, to innovative new designs that can include electric, solar powered and smart indoor climate control features.

Skylights come with a multitude of benefits, as well as increasing the value of your property through enhanced interior and exterior aesthetics, it can also assist in reducing your power bill through providing natural light, warmth and in some designs even ventilation to your home. The right skylight can help the environment by reducing your dependence on electricity. Unlike electricity, skylights give you access to natural sunlight and don’t require energy to run. The additional vitamin D that you can receive inside your home can have the potential to play a huge factor in your physical and mental health and last but not least, these lovely windows to the sky can bring in light while still maintaining privacy.