Building a new home is one of life’s biggest projects. Not many people do it more than once in their lives, and it can be a daunting process, particularly if you are not familiar with the process and all it involves. However, it can be incredibly rewarding to see your ideas take shape and become a reality.

At Integrity New Homes, we can take you from start to finish whether you have nothing but a block of land or if you have already gone through the stages of designing with an architect and have approved plans ready to go.

Here is a run down of how we do things and what is involved when building with us.


Contact Us

Get in touch with us via our website or phone us on 1300 886 793 and let us know what it is you are looking to achieve with your build. We’ll forward you a short survey to give us a starting point. From this, we can better understand your goals and expectations.



The only way to work through the Custom Build, Renovation or Extension process is to understand your needs, wants and aspirations. We’ll arrange a site visit and complete a FREE Project Assessment to help determine time-frame, budget, project vision and design. If applicable, we’ll also complete a FREE Site Report to address any site issues or environmental factors which may impact on what can and can’t be done on your block or with your existing home.



We do have a great range of standard designs in our library that may  be a perfect fit for you. In some cases, they could be almost perfect but in need of a few customisations to suit your needs. You can come to us with your own Renovation and/or Custom Build plans; or if not, we can guide you in the process of creating plans to meet your individual requirements while considering specific site issues (ie maximizing views and breezes) with planning frameworks and cost effectiveness. The Renovation plans will also address any specific items which may need to be addressed as part of refreshing existing works.


Preliminary Services

When your concept and approximate budget have been determined we can initiate services as required to give accurate costing on these works. This may include services such as site surveys, architectural/drafting, engineering and general council requirements for your build.

During this process we gather all the information we need to design on your block including listing all the inclusions you desire for your design.


Scope of Works and Estimate

Once the brief and budget for and any other unknowns have been confirmed for your Renovation or Custom Build, we’ll arrange a detailed written sales estimate for you to review.



Plain English Housing Industry Association contracts are generally used and include a detailed specification, plans, reports (where applicable), building licence and insurance certificate of currency for your Renovation or Custom Build.



Colour Selections

All colour selections are finalised in writing and in detail to not only bring your Renovation or Custom Build to life, but to help make it clear what the finished “article” will look like.

We can offer these services in person or via an online meeting depending on what suits you best. We do also offer 7 Fast Track Colour schemes that you may wish to select from that help take the ease out of the colour selection process.



The dedicated Project Manager will meet on site in accordance with the Integrity Edge Quality Assurance Program (where applicable) and keep you informed on building work progress fortnightly for your Renovation or Custom Build.

We provide you with an online portal where you can view images of your project and keep track of the progress of your build.


Hand Over

All clients are provided with comprehensive home owner’s manual complete with approved plans (where applicable) and supplier warranty information for your Renovation or Custom Build.


Maintenance Period

A commitment to positive outcomes continues through into the maintenance period for your Renovation or Custom Build.


For more information about building with Integrity New Homes Central Coast & Lake Macquarie, please give us a call on 1300 886 793.