Do you ever believe in the saying, “the steeper the mountain, the harder the climb, the better the view”?

Well personally, we believe that this is best explained by another famous quote, “with elevation comes clarity”. Once you have successfully braved through the journey of literally defying gravity on your way up, you'll be able to look up, look down, look around, and realise it was all worth it.

No wonder there are people who would like to extend this clarity within their homes. Despite the difficulty and complications of building in much more challenging sites like narrow sites which usually require a higher home, it will all be worth it in the end as you look at the view of everything around you from your high set home. 

Narrow sites makes you really think about how to design your home to utilise the site the best way possiple... with clever floor plans. Although most might see it as a constrained and limited space, it is actually suitable for many home designs.. What many people don’t realise is that the pros definitely outweigh the cons:

Natural light - This is considered to be one of the biggest advantages of having a narrow and tall building is the access to tons of natural light. The height of the house enables access for daylight to enter which would then be distributed efficiently.  

Ventilation - The slender room dimensions of the house means that the space is ventilated quickly. With the proper use of physics, narrow layouts could guarantee a lot of ventilation opportunities so it is also important to work with a builder that knows how to utilise it. 

Flexibility - When you think of narrow space, it is always associated with deficiency. Although it may be difficult to try and incorporate everything, proper planning will allow  you to include as many areas and functions as you need. However, even when you are able to do so, our ever-changing lives also require our needs to change with it and so our homes would eventually need to adapt. Luckily, planning for renovation and even eventual expansion is another benefit to a narrow building plan.

Escape - A high set home provides you with breathtaking views at a window’s glance. It gives you a view from a different vantage point extending the layout along a single axis preserving the simplicity of the structure while providing these necessary places of escape.

Build With Clarity 

Taking on the challenge of building a high set home in a narrow site is easier said than done. The amount of preparation that comes with planning this process is long and tedious and most importantly, will require a trusted builder in order to truly enjoy the benefits that come after. 
Integrity New Homes Brisbane is a local builder that has been around for quite a while. We are a custom design and renovation specialists with an impressive track record of collective experience in custom build and renovation, with some industry leading guarantees.

Led by the owner and director, Darren Jones, we are  focused on establishing a reputation for being cutting edge and customer focused custom build and renovation specialists. You will enjoy working with our licensed and award-winning team of experts tailoring your experience from initial concept to project completion.

As a true local builder, Darren specialises on knock down rebuilds because of the area itself. Brisbane is very built up and has a lot of old homes that are slowly being done up. Darren and the team also does modern rebuilds as well as full renovations to existing homes to keep the historic look.

If you are convinced of Darren and the team’s capability of bringing your vision to life, Integrity New Homes Brisbane can readily offer our services to areas such as Rochedale South, Mount Ommaney, East Brisbane, Carindale, Aspley, Mount Gravatt, Boronia Heights, Birkdale, Tingalpa, Indooroopilly, and Chermside to name a few.

Information on the house designs that we offer is available in our Designer Inclusions brochure which you can get a hold of for free.

Let us be your helping hand in extending clarity to your home, contact us today!